WeLeakInfo's Customer Records Leaked


WeLeakInfo.com was an information breach notification service that was permitting its clients to check if their credentials have been compromised in information breaches. The service was guaranteeing a database of more than 12 billion records from over 10,000 data breaches. In mid-2020, a joint operation directed by the FBI in coordination with the UK NCA, the Netherlands National uPolice Corps, the German Bundeskriminalamt, and the Police Service of Northern Ireland resulted in the seizure of the WeLeakInfo.com domain. 

The U.S. Department of Justice in January declared that it seized weleakinfo.com, which existed since 2017. The site sold different subscription levels, making it workable for scammers to access and look through the database. Two 22-year old men,, one in the Netherlands and the other in Northern Ireland, were arrested in connection with running the site, as per the Dutch media source Nu.nl. 

The site additionally vowed to alert members if their own data was stolen and uploaded to the database, with a feature called “Asset Monitoring.” “Get notified when your information is detected in a data breach,” the sales pitch said, according to an archived version of the homepage. “Stay one step ahead of hackers.” 

Weleakinfo, and other sites like it, basically work as a noxious variant of HaveIBeenPwned, a database where guests can check if their data has been compromised. HaveIBeenPwned permits clients to decide whether an email address has been included for different information breaches. 

Security specialists from Cyble saw that a member from a hacking forum professed to have registered in one of the domains of WeLeakInfo,, wli.design, which was enlisted again on March 11 2021. At that point, the actor made an email address for the domain and utilized it to get to the account of the cybercrime group registered on the payment service Stripe. The admittance to the Stripe account permitted the actor to get to clients' details, including email, address, partial card details, and purchase history. 

“The WeLeakInfo operators allegedly used the domain’s email address for payments via Stripe, the actor claimed. The actor claimed to have registered the domain and then created an email address on the registered domain used in their Stripe account gaining access to WeLeakInfo customers details.” reads the post published by Cyble.