Postcard and Indiatimes in a List of ‘Fake News’ Websites?

A US-based non-profit journalism school, Poynter Institute for Media Studies, compiled a list of more than 500 websites "spreading false or misleading information" which shockingly featured two well-known Indian news websites, Postcard News and Indiatimes.

Apart from these two, there was also the mention of Indian news website Firstpost, at first but when the portal in question took to twitter to unequivocally protest its inclusion in the list, making accusations against the Poynter survey for "flippantly" overlooking "the daily journalism that Firspost [sic] hosts… the reputation it has gathered for equipoise”.

The list was thusly updated to remove Firstpost alongside a US-based media house. The survey being referred to was led by the International Fact-Checking Network at Poynter Institute for Media Studies and the subsequent list of 513 websites 'believed' to have been related with unreliable news was released in a report called "UnNews: An index of unreliable news websites”.

Barrett Golding, who led the whole project, said on the website that the index was made based on lists that were “public and curated by established journalists or academics”, “contained original data” and expressed their criteria for inclusion, and characterized how they reviewed the various sites.

As of now when the two Indian news websites have been labeled "unreliable", India is yet to concoct a specific law to handle such counterfeit news or misinformation on websites as online media.

However, the Government doing the best it can, has appointed a committee under the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) the previous year to study more about the difficulties and challenges in online media, like fake news and malignant content, and concoct a strong structure to tackle them once and for all.