MyCar exposes thousands of vehicles to hackers

A cybersecurity researcher claim to have found a series of vulnerabilities in a remote-based automobile app 'MyCar' that might have exposed more than 60,000 cars to hackers.

During a conference in Las Vegas on Saturday, the security expert who goes by the name Jmaxxz, identified several issues in an app 'MyCar' developed by a Canadian Automobility company.

According to the exposed database, the expert estimated that roughly 60,000 cars were vulnerable to theft by security flaws, through this exposed data hackers could even choose which car model they want to steal.

The app MyCar connects "to radio-based remote start devices like Fortin, CodeAlarm, and Flashlogic using GPS and a cellular connection to extend their range using an Internet connection."

The security flaws are far beyond theft or remote alarm-triggering pranks. However, starting of a car without the owner's knowledge could lead to dangerous carbon monoxide leaks which could be fatally dangerous.

MyCar's parent company has said that they have started investigating into the matter and would promptly solve the flaws.