Hackers reportedly helped the daughter of a celebrity to win the show "The Voice Kids Russia"

A loud scandal occurred on the weekend at the Russian television program "Voice of Children". The reason is the final vote, as a result of which Mikella Abramova, the daughter of the famous Russian singer Alsu, won the final of the show with a huge difference of votes. The management of the First Channel Russia demanded a thorough investigation of the incident. Some stars of show business expressed that there was a falsification.

The experts believe that there are several possibilities why the daughter Alsu unexpectedly won with a huge margin, without being the favorite in the final. Experts do not exclude that there was a hacker attack.

Alsu's family decided not to comment on the incident until the results of the vote verification in the final of the show, which the First channel instructed to make an international company Group-IB, are announced. It is noteworthy that this company is an official partner of Interpol. It is known that the counting of votes took place automatically, so now there is a manual verification of each vote, which can take a long time.

A specialist in independent cybercrime investigations said that high-level hackers could substitute the final results of the vote or install an algorithm in the automatic vote counting system, according to which one vote was taken as several.

"It is quite easy to check, there will be a significant difference between the recorded votes and the controversial result. Also, insiders, who in their own interests influence the process, can conduct an attack,” the expert explained.

The expert noted that his colleagues will first analyze the electronic journals of the site to identify deviations. Moreover, manual cheating was used when interested people buy several SIM cards and send SMS in favor of the desired people. The specialist stressed that they need more time and court permission to check this method of fraud.

According to the expert, the second possibility why the daughter Alsu unexpectedly won the show, is the mistakes of the voting system. The expert does not completely exclude the second possibility because from time to time there are news that bugs were discovered on the websites of law enforcement agencies. And not so long ago, students found a vulnerability in the ambulance substation program.