BBC complained to the Foreign Ministry of Russia about the leakage of data on Russian employees

BBC has made formal complaint to the Foreign Ministry of Russia concerning the publication of a list of journalists working in Russia including their personal data.

We recall that on Thursday several Russian Internet resources published the names and photos of 44 employees of the Moscow Bureau BBC. The Corporation said it was disappointed. The head of the BBC Jamie Angus said that the Corporation asked the Russian authorities to investigate the data leakage.

However, the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova on Facebook

stated that BBC did not appeal to the Government Department with a complaint about the leakage of data of its employees.

She also noted that over the past few days the correspondents of BBC did not write or call her. According to her that doesn't seem like them because they do it regularly.

"London is playing dirtier and dirtier," Zakharova wrote on her FB page.

In addition, Zakharova added that the published information is not secret, it is available on social networks.

Experts note that the British Corporation is trying to look like a victim after the scandal associated with the search for Russian participation in the protest movement in France and publications of photos and names of employees of the Edinburgh Bureau Agency “Sputnik” on December 24 in the British newspaper The Sunday Times.

The Kremlin condemned this publication. "We have a negative attitude to this and at various levels we expressed absolute misunderstanding and disappointment with what is happening now in the UK against journalists of such Russian Media as Sputnik and RT", — said the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov.