Russia held the world's largest blockchain elections

On December 12, elections of Deputies of Youth Parliament in the Saratov region were held, during which the system of online voting Polys was used. This is one of the projects of Kaspersky Lab.

In total, more than 40 thousand voters took part in the elections, which made them the largest in the history of online voting using blockchain technology.

It was possible to vote on personal mobile or on special devices installed at 110 polling stations. The average voter turnout was 36% (14,932 people).

According to the Head of the Polys project, Roman Aleshkin, the project has a lot of advantages. The main thing is that cheating of votes and falsification of election results are excluded due to the blockchain. In addition, the votes are encrypted. It is impossible to find out who voted for whom. Even the organizer of the vote or the hacker will not be able to get this information.

The Chairman of the Youth Election Commission of the Saratov region Victoria Belikova noted that Polys has made the electoral process more attractive for young people.