Skype launches end-to-end encryption for private conversations

Microsoft has rolled out end-to-end encrypted private chat conversations on Skype using a secured Signal Protocol by Open Whisper Systems for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and desktop users.

The users could activate this new feature by selecting "New Private Conversation" option from the "Compose" menu or from the recipient's profile. The limitation of this feature is that the users can only engage with one participant in one private conversation per device at a time.

The benefit of this new feature is that government, criminal, or any other type of miscreants cannot alter messages, recover old chats, or intercept any conversation sessions.

However, it is believed that the new feature is more secure than the previous one as it could be only read by a sender and the recipient. Further, the feature has the ability to hide sensitive content in notifications for preventing someone from eavesdropping.

In January this year, Microsoft has said that they would include a new feature which would provide end-to-end encryption for audio calls, text messaging and image, audio and video file transmissions.