Korean trojan spreading tentacles

A newly discovered ‘Key Marble’ strikes the cyber world causing huge concern for millions of internet users these days. The north korean Trojan, according to what the cyber security experts claim, helps the hackers get access to the details of a device at ease.

 Apart from these, ‘Key Marble’ keeps capturing the screenshots and can download files on every passing moments forcing the experts at the cyber security firms to evolve out an affective mechanism to counter the escalating threat of cybercrimes.

 After an initial study, the experts have stressed an updated anti virus software, strongest passwords to keep these hacking forces at bay.

Further, the internet users can configure personal firewalls on the workstation which could help them ignore unwanted requests.

 The existence of the malware in question surfaced as clear as broad day light when the top cyber security experts from McAfee had a great deal of deliberations at the Black Hat 2018 early this week.

Each of the speakers dwelt at length how the North Korean malware can infect the system. After code analysis the cyber experts successfully identified the links of the vital points acting on the case studies of how North Korea has been aiding and abetting the hackers.

 Both the companies---McAfee and Intezer code go to engine to ensure that the automated analysis process is done. The analysis of both the companies have some common striking similarities.

 The country’s top cyber research experts are learnt to have been possessing the details of the cyber attacks in North Korea. The cyber world experts claimed to have been in the possession of a link between a bank which keeps running at the leadership of a billionaire.

The bank in question got listed more than once in the very code of the malware which happens to be the possessor of fund that has gone missing.
According to the available records, the biggest one attacks, beyond doubt, targetted the Bangladesh Bank. Others in the hit list include the central bank of Bangladesh