IT specialist detained for stealing 27 million rubles from Bank cards of Russian citizens

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation reported that in Rostov-on-Don (Rostov Oblast, Russia) police detained 46-year-old local resident suspected of major fraud. He is accused of stealing 27 million rubles from bank cards.

Irina Volk, the official representative of the MIA, reported that hacker has a higher technical education, previously worked as a private IT specialist.

The police said that the hacker illegally acquired a database of SIM cards with electronic keys and special software. He made duplicates of SIM cards of mobile numbers connected to Bank cards.  The attacker withdrew money from the residents' accounts and cashed them using an electronic wallet.

The detainee withdrew not more than 500 rubles from each individual accounts so that it will go unnoticed by the victims.  Most of the victims did not aware of the theft, as they also have not received SMS notifications from the Bank.  As a result, the hacker managed to steal about 27 million rubles.

During the search of the suspect's house, the police has seized the computer, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and SIM cards.

The suspect is under arrest. The criminal proceedings were initiated. He faces prison terms of up to five years.