Hacker bribes Czech Police in effort to get the seized hard drive containing details of 3200 Bitcoins

Hacker Peter Krzhystka, who is accused of cyber-fraud, offered a bribe to police officer at 384 million kroons (17 million USD) for the return of the hard drive that was seized during the search. However, police officer Lukasz Lazetskiy from the city Brno refused a bribe.

The police consider Peter one of the most dangerous hackers in the country. Earlier, he was already sentenced to four years in prison for hacking Bank accounts and stealing financial information.

During a search of the hacker's apartment, the investigators seized his hard drive and other computer equipment to understand his criminal activities. The hacker showed special interest to the disc. But the police did not know what was on it, as no one was able to decipher the access codes to the digitized data.

According to the Prague News media, one of the hacker's friends offered to the police officer a bribe at 17 million $ and asked him to return the hard drive and to delete it from the list of confiscated property. As it turned out later, the hacker hid information related to more than 3,200 Bitcoins on the hard drive, the total cost of which is about 800 million kroons (about 35 million USD).

Police officer Lukasz Lazetskiy refused a bribe and reported the incident to his superiors. A criminal case was initiated on the fact of the attempted bribery.