Group "Lurk" who claims to have hacked into Hillary Clinton's emails was also hacking into LPDR members' accounts

Konstantin Kozlovsky, 30 Year old, one of the leaders of the Russian hacking group called "Lurk", who claimed to have hacked into Hillary Clinton's emails, also said to have stolen money from several prominent members of Liberal Democratic Party of Russia(LPDR), according to the local media

According to the documents given by one of the defense lawyers, the group stole 4 million RUB (4.3 million INR) from Vladimir Zhirinovsky, , 99 million RUB (107 million INR) from Igor Lebedev( son of Vladimir Zhirinovsky), and 1.7 million EUR (135 million INR) from Vadim Dengin.

The group was detained by the FSB in June 2016, accused of performing cyber attacks on Russian Banks and stole about 3 billion RUB (3.2 billion INR).

In 2017, Kozlovsky took responsibility for hacking into the Hillary Clinton's Email accounts, servers of National Committee of the Democratic Party of the United States and Military Enterprises of the United States.

He claimed that he was recruited by FSB in 2008 and done various cyber attacks for a long time. He also mentioned that his supervisor was FSB major Dmitry Dokuchaev.

"At the end of December 2017, the media reported that Dokuchaev, as well as a number of FSB officers, including former head of the second directorate of the FSB Information Security Center, Sergei Mikhailov , themselves fell under investigation in connection with the leakage of information about hacker hacking of the US Democratic Party servers." The local media reports.

However, representatives of the Ural divisions of the FSB expressed confidence that all the statements on behalf of Kozlovsky are nothing more than an "attempt to draw attention to his criminal case" and, possibly to ask political asylum later.