GandCrabs takes on AhnLab antivirus

An epoch-making author take the centre stage of discourse in the cyberworld these days.

Popularly known as GandCrab Ransamware, the book drew attention of millions of the people when the author was worried after a vaccine for GrandCrab ransomware that hit the market.

 The author moved the BleepingComputer as he had some amount of new informations to be added in the new versions of the book.

He maintained that GrandCrab would have a day when the service to AhnLab anti-virus software would be denied.

 According to what the author claims, AhnLab was in the receipt of payback after he launched the vaccine app for GrandCrab ransomware.

The vaccine app, precisely, is responsible for a file on the personal computing device. An active ransomware would suggest the impact on the device in question.

 In a number of communiques in different modes to Bleeping Computer, Crabs called Killswitch, the vaccine app a bunch of useless things immediately after he released his new ransomware version AhnLab launched it.

 Significantly, the author in the new versions of the Grandcrabs got included an exploit code to take on the AhnLab anti-virus.

 Initially, Bleeping Computer was in a process to publish the feature. But by then an expert claimed to have discovered the issue even as AhnLab had nothing to be worried with these schemes of things.

The company observed that their product spotted the GandCrab ransomware which reached the BSOD attack code later and that the code in question has little chance to be at work.
The experts here say the code that missed the storm in the cyber world is nothing but a denial of service code or not a zero day code.

They observed that the code somehow, caused BSOD to the AhnLab product and the attack code can hardly execute any payload.