Cyber security breached in Reddit

A hacker is said to have struck many devices belonging to Reddit forcing the American social aggregation and web content rating website to keep millions of its users on alert. The attack was confirmed after the top security experts found that many systems have been breached in between June 14 and June 18. The hacker in question further got access to the user data involving many email identities, usernames, passwords and what not. According to what the sources say, the affected users, mostly, are individuals who joined the club till 2007. Stunned by the incident of sensational security breach by the hackers in between June 14 and June 18, Reddit is preparing mails to its users---both affected and unaffected to be aware of such sudden incidents in future. The attack is believed to have got the access of all emails which the company sent to the users and most of them received these in June, 2018. The cyber criminal got the access to the mechanism to go through the emails which the premier website company got to know only around June 20. The users who are still keeping active have been asked to immediately change their usernames and sensitive passwords immediately to ensure that these remain safe. Through emails Reddit has asked its users to change the current passwords saying that the new password should not be similar to the old one. Otherwise, these are not still safe from the hackers. May it be Reddit or other sites. According to the company, the users are free to use two steps for authentication—Google or Authy. It would disallow the criminals to easily get an easy access to the existing system. In a recent post, Reddit made it simple that hackers compromised the security of many of its employees in mid-June through cloud provider ans source code. The company further admitted that the cyber criminals managed to get into the details of the SMS verification process. But the data have remained unchanged. “We learned that SMS-based authentication. The subsequent investigation uncovered many crucial things relating to this chapter. The extent of damage is not little which requires the help of the law enforcing agencies. Such an agency has been probing the chapter with the inputs it received from Reddit.