An Open Letter to Microsoft's Executives Over Terrible Windows 10 Update

Microsoft released a .NET Framework versions update on Monday to fix all of the problems that were caused by the July 10 updates, but it failed miserably as it only addresses some of the problems.

Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional Susan Bradley has written an open letter to Microsoft executives Satya Nadella, Carlos Picoto, and Scott Guthrie about the resentment of the Windows 10 users while trying to install the new updates.

The open letter includes the results of a poll which was conducted by her before the release of first Windows 10 update. In that survey, 1,000 consultants and over 800 consumers were asked about their experience with Windows 10.

"It's due to increasing frustration with patching and patch management issues.  I see consultants turning off updates completely as they see that as the only way they can have stable systems  I see Server admins saying that Server 2016 is fine except when you want a system that doesn't reboot.  I see Surface users get their machines cratered with 1803 side effects with SSD drives." Susan told BleepingComputer via email. "I see more and more people say that waiting to install updates is what one must do.  All of these are unacceptable.  We can't continue on with the status quo."

Bradley has urged Microsoft for a better patch quality update to reassure the faith in the company as the survey suggests that the consumer and consultants were broadly discontent with the current Windows 10 patch approach.

The survey respondents have a common complaint that "updates are not reliable, they contain features that most of their users don't need, updates fail to install, updates cause crashes, or updates cause further bugs with installed software."

As a result, the users have to either abort the update or remain with the vulnerabilities.

Here is the full open letter to Microsoft executives by Susan Bradley