Samsung bug strikes storm with private pics

A Samsung message App strikes huge hue and cry in the cyber world after it sent uncensored pictures to the random contacts forcing the multinational conglomerate authorities to step in to allay the fears of the millions of its users. The glitch took place in the recent version of the texting app to be pre installed on all phones that suddenly sent even private pictures to many known and unknown contacts without the knowledge of the senders. The users, mostly, were not aware of the bug and they had no knowledge of it since these pictures were not seen to have been sent to somebody as message. But how they have come to know of the glitch? They got to know only when some of the contacts reached out them to know these all about moments after they received these pictures. Some users, who claimed to have come across the bug said that they found it strange to have seen the images randomly picked up from the image gallery. But some of these users said the phones had emojis and other images from the storage folders. Minutes after the glitch erupted with fear and suspension, the South Korean multinational conglomerate headquartered in Samsung Town of Seoul suggested the users not to update to the latest Samsung Messages app until the issue is fixed. It further told the users, who have already updated the Messages app, to check the carrier logs and to see if their phone sent out images to random people. A Samsung post said that these users, if need be, are free to disable the app to access the phone's storage. In doing so, it won't take the photos from the device. Samsung, after all has a reason to heave a sigh of reprieve. The bug was limited to the modern Samsung Galaxy series only which did not covered all of their handsets.