New PDF sample as tool for crypto-mining attack!

Hackers on this planet have no dearth of malicious malwares to strike leaving millions of Internet users and bank account holders high and dry. Of late, they have taken resort to a PDF sample which they want to be in use for crypto mining and to act as Ransomware forcing the top cyber security experts to step in to counter the threat that deepens on every passing day.
Named as Rakhni ransomware family, the newly developed malicious PDF sample is being released for the users to infect many systems as the hackers keep using it for crypto mining purpose causing much concern in the entire cyber world. 
Armed with this malware with added futures, the hackers are learnt to have been maximizing their targets in Russia apart from India, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Germany. 
The malware in question comes through the spam emails with attached documents which infects an user once the document is unfolded to be saved. 
It strikes as soon as the user double clicks the document attached in the PDF file. Some doubtful message lines suggest the infection process much to the pleasure of the hackers on the wait with fake identity. 
The malware, then would decide the further course of action whether to download the cryptor or not. The downloading process undergoes a few technical procedure to reach the cryptor level from the infected users. 
The normal processes of the system stand canceled before the infected system starts performing the cryptor. According to the experts, the files from the infected systems are taken into a encryption algorithm for encryption and the attackers on the wait, would receive mails asking them to decrypt the files. 
Significantly, two commands would be in force to complete the malicious system. Firstly, there would be a command to start the crypto currency monero process while the second one would be to mine the original one.