Mixed-up Biometric affects 2 crore Aadhaar holders

A contract laborer from Raichur had to spend Rs 30,000 and wait for over seven years to receive his correct Aadhaar number. His biometric analysis of his fingerprint was mixed up with his son's, reported New Indian Express.

According to a senior UIDAI official, this is not the only case of mixed-up biometric, around 1.3 to 1.9 crore people have suffered from "'mixed biometrics.'

As per an internal communication of UIDAI recently, in over seven years there is about 1-1.5 percent of all enrolments have had incorrectly biometric data, which make them unable to claim basic services or benefits that the government has tied directly to the program.

An anonymous official of UDAI said: "There are also several cases of biometric data not being captured properly. UIDAI is identifying such cases and addressing their grievances."

Now a team of UIDAI is trying to identify the mix-up cases, has informed the ones with the wrong biometrics, and are now organizing camps to reverse the errors.

A UDAI official has blamed the urgency and deadline to meet the initial stage of Aadhaar as the reason behind this goof-up. "To meet targets, some enrolling agencies used biometrics of accompanying relatives if they were not able to register the biometric data of the person who was getting enrolled. Ramifications of this are emerging now as some people are facing problems to avail Aadhaar-linked essential services."