Hackers threaten to disrupt Moscow Domodedovo Airport navigation system unless they Bitcoin Ransom

Unknown Hackers demand several hundred of Bitcoins from the administration of the Airport "Domodedovo" (Moscow International airport), otherwise they will intervene in the navigation systems of the Airport.

According to the Airport staff, the attackers sent threatening e-mail to the Domodedovo Contact Center.  They said they will interrupt the function of the Airport's navigation equipment this weekend on July 28-29.

The hackers have claimed that they have the technical capabilities to do it.

Should people be worried about this? Vladimir Ulyanov, Head of the Analytical Center "Zecurion", believes that if cyber criminals have an accomplice inside the Airport "Domodedovo", then there are reasons to be concerned.

But a person who is sitting in another country or inside the country can't simply hack into these system via Internet, says Ulyanov. 

"In this case, threats were sent to some common box. If we are talking about serious attacks, then in this case the letter would most likely have come to the person who is responsible for information security or can make a decision that he is ready to pay ransom." local media quote Ulyanov as saying. 

The Airport administration has tightened security measures at terminals and at airfields.

Domodedovo Safety Officials confirmed reports of an anonymous threatening e-mail and stressed that the functioning of the Airport "Domodedovo" is not under threat.

- Christina