Hackers steal 600 gallons of fuel from a US gas station

We have read about credit card skimmers at ATMs or gas stations but how would someone hack into fuel pumps to steal gas? From recent hacks and data breach incidents, it seems the hackers have changed their targets. Apparently, cybercriminals have got their hands on a high-tech electronic device that allows them to steal gasoline from fuel pumps without getting caught. These hackers hacked a US gas station to pilfer 600 gallons of gas worth $1,800 and did so brazenly in the middle of the day.

The Detroit police department is looking for two men suspected in the larceny of fuel from a Marathon Oil Service Station in the 17800 block of W. Seven Mile on the city's west side.

The Marathon gas station suffered this attack around 1pm on June 23, 2018, when two men reached the pump for fuel. Reportedly, they took control of the pump at the gas station through a remote device, thus preventing the hack from being blocked by the clerk present at the station from his system.

Anyone who recognises the suspects is asked to call DPD'sEight Precinct.

According to Fox2Detroit, the clerk, Aziz Awadh, said about the incident, “I tried to stop it here from the screen but the screen’s not working. I tried to stop it from the system; nothing working.”

Awadh told that he was able to shut down the pump only after he found the emergency kit. He then called the police. However, until then, the hackers managed to drain a large volume of fuel.

In a statement, Dontae Freeman, Detroit police spokesman told FOX that “the suspects had about 10 large vehicles lined up at the pump and filled their tanks with gas. He said investigators believe it took the suspects about 90 minutes to fill up the vehicles.”