Google Chrome to get revamped soon

The world's most used internet browser Google Chrome is being redesigned to make it more fast and secure.

Google has announced this week that they have now coded robust security technologies to safeguard against the Spectre vulnerabilities that came in limelight by their own researchers at the beginning of 2018.

Chrome 67 has a Site Isolation feature which is enabled by default for all  Chrome users, but the drawback is that this feature will increase the memory usage and it will be difficult for users using devices with 4GB RAM or less.

However, the company has promised that they will work on reducing the impact of Site Isolation technology. "Our team continues to work hard to optimize this behavior to keep Chrome both fast and secure," Reis added.

According to the company, they have enabled Isolation technology for 99% of Chrome users on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS. Meanwhile, for remaining users, it was not done to  "monitor and improve performance".

Now, it will interesting to note the reaction of users after Chrome 68 will be launched later this month. Users will be able to check whether Site Isolation is turned or not typing chrome://process-internals , but this does not work for Chrome 67.

"We're also working on additional security checks in the browser process, which will let Site Isolation mitigate not just Spectre attacks but also attacks from fully compromised renderer processes," Reis writes in his blog. "Stay tuned for an update about this enforcement."