Facebook removed hundreds of offensive posts

Facebook claims that they have deleted or blocked hundreds of objectional posts over the past six months in order to follow Germany's new law banning online hate speech.

In January this year, Germany has introduced a new strict law known as 'NetzDG,' which imposes heavy fines on social media companies if they don't remove offensive posts within 24 hours of receiving a complaint. The fine could reach up to  $58 million.

According to a blog written by Facebook’s vice president for global policy solutions, Richard Allan, between January and June, the company has received total 1,704 complaints under the law, while they removed 262 posts.

 "Worldwide, we removed approximately 2.5 million pieces of content in the first quarter of 2018 that violated our policies," wrote Allan. "We are convinced that the vast majority of content that is considered hate speech in Germany would be removed if checked for a violation of our community standards."

For last one year, Facebook has faced severe criticism over the handling of hate speech, fake news, conspiracy theories and hoaxes on its site. Last week, they clarified their stance by arguing that banning fake news won't serve the purpose instead it should be demoted in results. Meanwhile, they emphasized that the company strongly support free speech.