DNS rebinding rerun haunts cyber world

The fear of the rerun of an old attack starts haunting the cyberworld these days forcing the top cyber security experts to come out with a slew of measures to keep the impending vulnerability at bay. 
Identified as DNS rebinding, the researchers say the attack might infect nearly 500 million smart devices now being deployed, mostly, be the entrepreneurs across the globe. 
The experts at Armis, who claimed to have spotted the BlueBorne vulnerability months back, say the attack gives an easy access to the hackers to exploit a local IP address and finally enables them to be connected to a public address to strike. 
In this attack in question, the hackers have hardly any need of any device to get the access into an internal network before to launch the attack. DNS rebinding further enables an attacker for proxy use of a web browser. That’s all. 
The hackers are then free to be connected to all the devices over the network in question. They just need to make protected devices accessable over a public internet and can compromise all assests and devices at hand. 
What is the way out if the rerun takes place? The cyber security experts have the answer. 
After a path breaking research, they have come out with a few measures for the users to get rid of the impending vulnerabilities. These include high security measures on the single servers. 
The entrepreneurs need to get their smart devices updated regularly, which would help them ward off the malady. 
They say the deployment of DNS security proxy is another relaible mechanism to negate the attack even though the approach is far from practical since, the entreperneurs, mostly, prefer local servers. 
According to an expert who is familier to all these cyber attacks, the best possible way to get rid of these is to keep monitoring all smart devices regularly.