Criminals selling login credential for $10 to government sectors

Top cyber experts claimed to have traced out a gang of criminals running a den of dark web market where sensational login credentials are for sale suggesting a huge threat for the infosec community on the planet.

 During the pathbreaking research, the cyber security experts at McAfee discovered that these cyber criminals, of late, have started selling crucial data and information to many establishments including the premier government sectors making $10 within a brief period of time.

 The hackers are believed to have got access to these testimonials from government and private bodies where a strong password does not matter in the use of the Microsoft-owned remote desktop protocol which keeps providing more breakthrough for the research experts to widen the area of studies.

 The experts have confirmed a steep rise in the use of RDP by the cyber criminals since they find it easy to cover up their activities even as the system enables the users to have an access to another set of remote device.

 What makes the facts more stunning is that the hackers sold some vital systems of automated security owned by one of the top airports and the deal in the dark web market fetched them around $10 which needs further investigation to know the modus operandi.

 More and more startling revelations are surfacing on the dark web market and the RDP shops connected herewith.

The shops in question, are in the selling spree of numerous hacked systems which include Window 10, WindowsXP and what not. What is more disturbing is that many government and renowned private bodies keep procuring RDP access.

These are basically required in the medical and healthcare sectors which are well connected to these RDP shops. These shops are full of credit card, data cards and social security access for sale much to the benefit of the attackers who can have an easy access to the admin system.

They keep doing malicious activities without running any risk. They are often let off from the crime.
The researchers are of the view that these schemes of things will not die down so long as the fragile RDPs are allowed to stay on. Need of the hour, they say, is a system administration well connected with remotely accessing mechanism.