Нackers deprive Ukrainians of apartments on the Internet

Hackers started changing data more often in Ukrainian government databases than before. It is almost very hard to cancel such actions. If a person is cross off the apartment owners list in the registry, it will be very difficult to get the property back.

The Ministry of Justice introduced mandatory use for notaries of hardware key. But it took only two months for attackers to find a way to bypass the registry security system.

Previously hackers broke the register, and it could be proved. Now hackers break the computer of notaries sending to them fake e-mails from the Justice Ministry. Hackers attach spyware to the letters that infect the computer and tell hackers of all actions of the notary. The fact of hacking is almost impossible to prove and to cancel it according to the laws.

Sergei Prokopenko, Director of the Computer Forensics Laboratory "СyberLab", said that hacking the computer of a notary in the new scheme makes any citizen defenseless. Even the leadership of the Justice Ministry became victims.
The total amount of hijacked property exceeds UAH 9 billion (INR 24 billion).

Sergei added that this scheme is using primarily to hijack large businesses, but there are simpler schemes. Scammers can remove the Disposal Ban from the car with defaulted loans and after debtors can sold their cars without problems. The cost of such "service" is about $ 1,000.

There are no effective measures to counteract hackers. Large service companies had to keep specialists who always check the data in the register of their property. The cyber police throws up your hands.

- Christina