Hackers hijacking your WhatsApp messages, images

We barely worried about our Whatsapp's cybersecurity as the popular chat app is end-to-end encrypted, but hackers can easily get access to the personal data in various ways. 

Here are ways how hackers could hack your WhatsApp accounts and how you can safeguard it. 

Although the same number cannot be used twice on two different mobile devices at the same time, Whatsapp has a web for desktops and it just requires your WhatsApp Web QR code. Once a hacker got a hold on your QR code, then your personal messages, videos, images could be easily leaked out and spied upon. 

Other than this, there is Whatsapp hack tool available which have a good compatible with Android and jailbroken iPhones. But, there is an app mSpy, which works perfectly with a normal, non-jailbroken iPhone as well.  

The notable features of mSpy app includes call monitoring, restricting incoming calls, track  the sent and received SMS, reading emails remotely, tracking the location using GPS,  Keeping an eye on the internet usage, accessing the Address Book and Calendar, reading messages on all kinds of IM apps (WhatsApp, Skype, iMessage, Viber, Social Network, LINE etc.), Controlling apps, Viewing multi-media files, locking or wiping out the device remotely.

FlexiSPY is another advanced app which is widely used by hackers to hack into your WhatsApp, Facebook, and many other chat apps. It allows the spy to record your calls, see your device messages, passwords, locations, multimedia files, and the internet usages. 

 The most affordable WhatsApp hacker tool is Highster Mobile. it works with  Android devices as well as Apple iPad. The notable feature of this app is that hacker could even track the deleted messages, images, and video. It works efficiently on apps such as Skype, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

The best way to protect yourself from being the victim is to Lock your WhatsApp. There are various apps which provide lock facility for both Android as well as iPhones. 

Deleting your messages could be a good option to protect your privacy, but deleting messages doesn't mean deleting it from your device, rather than deleting it permanently from the server. For this you can use a tool, dr.fone - Erase (iOS) to selectively and permanently erase the data you want.

This one is a must do for everyone, you should right now block installation from unknown sources on your devices whether it is phone, tablet, or any other device. Go to Settings > Device Security.

People using unsecured WiFi connection make them highly vulnerable to hackers.  So, it is suggested that you should refrain yourself from using public WiFi connections for accessing WhatsApp or any other applications.