Android phones are exposing the debug ports

More and more stunning facts and figures threaten to turn the cyber world into a den of criminals posing serious threat to millions of users across the globe these days.

In yet another revelations, the top cyber security experts claim that the Android phones are exposing the debug ports forcing the security agency to go in search of a mechanism to counter the threat.

 According to what an extensive study suggests, the devices were founding to have been exposing their debug port to the remote contacts or connections. The reason, precisely, here is an Android warm that keeps infecting many devices since it was detected four months back.

 The researchers at Qihoo 366 Netlab who came out with the disturbing revelations claimed to have found clear evidence of the Android warm that infects the devices with ADB.Miner, which happens to be a cryptocurrency.

 Further, an infected Android OS user, has no option but manually enable the device as he or she wants to connect it with the help of an USB cable. A debugged ADB requires the support of WiFi connection for proper functioning where USB support refuses to work.

 The researchers engaged in it more or less have come to the conclusion that the WiFi featured ADB remains enabled in the product before these are allowed to reach the users as well as customers. The users, mostly, are not aware of the remote connecting mechanism of their devices with the support of ADB interface.

They, further, are not in the know that ADB has some access to a few sensitive tools. The cyber security experts claimed to have detected the worm in February this. But of late, their studies have suggested that as many as 15,600 Android devices are exposed to ADB port.

 He was none other than Kevin Beaumont who has struck the attention of the security agencies saying that they found these from tankers in the US to DVRs in Hong Kong to mobile telephones in South Korea.