What goes wrong with Windows10

Hardly a month after they installed Windows 10 in April 18, the users have started confronting with two problems forcing the cyber security experts to keep groping for an immediate mechanism to deal with it. 
The users, mostly, have complained of connection difficulty as they use applications based on Chrome. As one starts operating it, the Google Chrome displays time-out issue and the entire screen turns black. 
The Windows refuse to response forcing the user to reboot the device. Many users claimed to have tried themselves to bail out their devices from the snag. 
Most of them have failed to fix the confronting issue while a very few others have seen some sort of success albeit temporary. 
Those who have failed even claimed to have updated the video drivers apart from testing other browsers to find a way out. But success have eluded again and again. 
A section of experts has linked the problem to a site where video drivers keep crashing in the absence of hardware acceleration and finally the Windows start freezing. 
Even the upgrading the video drivers has remained an useless exercise to fix the issue. Some experts have called it a problem linked with registry permission with the Windows Cryptographic services (CryptoSvc ) which will not die down immediately.

Another school of experts has advised the confused or otherwise worried users to press Windows Key + Ctrl + Shift + B on the keyboard which might help them get out of the blues as their devices go freezing. This is, however, a temporary measure and never a mechanism to fix the problem permanently.