Security concern in Aadhaar software

A cracked software deployed in the UID system poses a huge threat to the country’s national security these days and if it is not firmly dealt with in this stage, a disaster is in the store. 
The software in question, if used with malicious intention, will help the hackers create new Aadhaar or to update the existing entries to make money. But details have yet to be ascertained to weed out the impending danger where identity proof would no longer be required to get a name enrolled in the Aadhaar network. 
This will, finally, push the country to an utter chaos in terms of both internal and external security. As of now, the country only has developed ECMP only for the registered operators to issue Aadhaar number to the genuine people on the basis of a set of documents and testimonials. 
Even the potential fugitives would have find it least difficult to access to the system to take the advantage thereof. The Indian authorities have allowed ECMP, since it the official software has two safeguarding strengths where the operators must have biometrics. 
This is in addition to that requirement of geolocation data to ensure safety of the data. But the allegations of the cracked software has authenticity, the safeguarding norms could have compromised. 
According to reports, “jailbreak version” suddenly took the centrestage of all discourses among the authorized operators based in Punjab at the fag–end of 2017. 
Speculations running among these operating people suggest that after being installed in a laptop, it would enable a person who wants to pay, need not require anything to safegaurd biometrics and geolocation.
Worst is in the store when anybody in the guise of a competent operator would be able to modify the data and other enrolment entries at his or her interest since number alone is not a valid proof of citizenship.