BMW preparing to counter security threats

A nagging fear of security flaws grips even the top car models much to the major concern of the entire automobile sector these days. The crux of it is a recent technical report by Tencent Keen Security Lab where the Chinese security firm made vulnerability disclosure in a few BMW models asking the automobile giant to counter the impending threat at this stage to avoid a huge collapse in the entire system.

Tencent Keen Security Lab, which conducted an in-depth study for nearly a year has revealed 14 vulnerable points in the renowned car models which include BMW 5 Series, BMW 7 Series, BMW i Series, BMW X Series and BMW 3 Series. In its compact technical report, the Chinese security firm has disclosed 14 vulnerable areas in the top model cars before BMW took up the issue on priority basis.

The German multinational company and manufacturer of luxury automobiles and motorcycles swung into action in the light of the new revelations of security flaws. The experts have observed that any hacker can strike a BMW car simply with the help of a local GSM mobile and that an attacker may get an easy access to UDS communication, infotainment along with other components of a BMW car.

The entire technical findings have suggested BMW modify the entire component settings apart from a drastic change in the firmware portion which is the best possible way to leave the hackers clueless.

BMW is already in process to devise an effective mechanism to keep the component setting updating asking the new owners and its service centers across the globe to be aware of this course of action to help them get out of the blues in the store.