Beware of ZipperDown

Yet another stunning revelation fetches no less fear of vulnerability in the cyber world forcing the security experts to step in. A recent programming error has suggested a zipper down, a new vulnerability that could infect the App Store applications. After careful experiments, Pangu Team has jumped in to this conclusion where the use of the code in question might erase the users data.  The experts at the Chinese iOS jailbreakers who had an in-house research and analysis found 10 per cent iPhone apps in the store to be affected by the bug--responsible for overwriting an app’s data. Without any details they precisely claimed to have discovered that the bug in question, beyond doubt, might infect the Andriod Smartphones.
Those who arrived at the disturbing conclusion, have yet to put the entire findings in public domain. But they have agreed to allow the app developers across the globe to know the details privately if need be. They said the app developers might find it useful to examine the vulnerability if exists. Before jumping into the conclusion, the Chinese iOS jailbreakers have named many iOS apps which they found more or less vulnerable. With the help of a newly developed mechanism, popularly known as Janus, Pangu Team had scanned 168,951 apps where 15,978 were learnt to have been found vulnerable. The experiments have more or less concluded that the vulnerability question depends on the users’ app permission. The researchers and experts have scanned a few highly used made in China apps which include QQ Music, Kwai, Weibo, MOMO and NetEase Music. In a bid to keep the impending vulnerability at bay at least for the time being, the experts have advised users to put in place a virtual private mechanism since it would help their devices stay safe and to get rid of the attack.