SunTrust Bank's former employee stole details of 1.5 million customers

Accounts of more than a million clients may have been stolen by a former employee at SunTrust Banks, and now the company is working with law enforcement.

"In conjunction with law enforcement, we discovered that a former employee while employed at SunTrust may have attempted to print information on approximately 1.5 million clients and share this information with a criminal third party," SunTrust CEO William Rogers said in a statement.

The Bank believe the information that is compromised includes customer names, addresses, phone numbers, and certain account balances. However, passwords, social security numbers, account numbers, IDs, or driver's license numbers are intact.

"The company became aware of potential theft by a former employee of information from some of its contact lists. Although the investigation is ongoing, SunTrust is proactively notifying approximately 1.5 million clients that certain information, such as name, address, phone number and certain account balances may have been exposed. The contact lists did not include personally identifying information, such as social security number, account number, PIN, User ID, password, or driver's license information. SunTrust is also working with outside experts and coordinating with law enforcement."

"Ensuring personal information security is fundamental to our purpose as a company of advancing financial well-being," said Rogers.

 "We apologize to clients who may have been affected by this. We have heightened our monitoring of accounts and increased other security measures. While we have not identified the significant fraudulent activity, we will reinforce our promise to clients that they will not be held responsible for any loss on their accounts as a result."

The Bank has now started an identity protection for all current and new consumer clients free of cost on an ongoing basis. To avail this service which is provided via Experian IDnotify, clients have to log in to online banking at to enroll.