Google won't harvest data from driverless cars

GOOGLE has "no master plan" to save the massive amount of data that they will be able generate from its driverless cars.

The assurance comes in the wake of the Facebook scandal that left every company under lens of suspense. The chief executive of Waymo, driverless car division of  Google's parent company Albhabet, John Krafcik, had given assurance that there main prioprity is moving people around the world.

“Our aim is moving people around the world and that is very hard. To the core of my body, I swear on my father’s grave, it’s (harvesting data) not a priority. I’m not saying it won’t be a workstream in the future but at the moment it is not in our workspace,” Krafcik said during the New York Auto Show.

The company announced a partnership with TATA's  Jaguar to use the British company's "I-Pace" electric cars.

While, Uber has suspended all its self-driving operations in other cities after a fatal accident in which a woman was killed.

“Getting to zero fatalities has to be the big goal,” he said. “The car industry invented the term “accident” – really it’s a crash or a tragedy – it changed the language to make it seem like it was OK.”

He clarrified that the company has no intentions to become a car manufacturer, that is why have collaborated with companies such as Jaguar Land Rover, Fiat Chrysler and Honda.