Facebook mechanism to rein in risky users

Caught in a barrage of criticism, Facebook has deployed a huge force to scan and remove the offensive contents that left the men at the helm of the global social networking site red-faced.

 In yet another drastic step to regulate the groups with an ulterior motive, Facebook has struck off around 300,000 users involving in 120 groups alleging the absence of approval from the group administrators. The social networking giant resorted to this course of action when KrebsOnSecurity uploaded some active groups of average two years old to clip the wings of the cybercrime based groups.

Now the largest social networking site on this planet has put in place an advanced mechanism to locate the users. But in practice, the mechanism seems inadequate to firmly deal with the users who keep abusing the system. According to some schools of experts, the new technology would be helpful to get wind of the real intention of the groups from the titles and postings on the front side of these groups.

But Facebook has failed to justify this drastic step since none of the groups deleted so far have found to have violated the community rules and regulations. A deleted group has strongly denied anything that left even a pint of an option to sell credit cards, hacked accounts, and even identities.

Another school of users has endorsed the extraordinary step saying that the crackdown on these Facebook groups via Twitter is a step in right direction to stop these elements from widening the net. These groups, mostly, keep tweeting that never they have done anything that the laid down community standard disallows. But disrupting elements do exist even in a different form which needs immediate action.

 Facebook authorities say millions of reports are under process on every passing week while some specific cases are singled out for action. They further hold the view that the area of scrutiny should be broadened to weed out these risky elements.