Are we secure in modern connected cars?

As certain as the changing of the seasons, the drive toward autonomous cars is gaining pace. Changes in the car industry clearly demonstrate that the way we use our vehicles is evolving. In an increasingly connected world, our cars are becoming an important part of our lifestyle. But a question mark keeps hanging over the process. Are we, and the data we use, truly secure?

Car users are very accepting of modern technology generally. We are warming to the idea of electric cars and consider it almost a duty to buy green cars that cut down on fossil fuel emissions. When it comes to connectivity, however, drivers are less sure.

Today convicted Modern cars are using a lot of technology and they are always connected with internet that makes it extremely vulnerable and easy to compromise using Malware attacks and other security flaws that presented in the IoT Devices that connected with Modern cars.
Our personal computers and online devices are at risk from external influences and threats, so it is that we are understandably worried about similar attacks on our vehicles. Especially that, as proven by Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek in their hacking experiment, such attacks can happen even while cars are in use. 

Connected cars are rapidly increasing and multiple IoT devices are connected to the car that needs to communicate remotely in order to operate the users from Wifi and other drive assistance.

Automotive security field involved with a lot of security risks since Modern cars are exposed to a lot of vulnerability that leads to face the High-security risks as other connected devices.

Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications is established using Wireless network that allows making two vehicle’s successful communication on road and it allows to reduce the car speed if another vehicle comes closer.

It is already clear that locking mechanisms on modern cars are vulnerable. Well-equipped and informed hackers can access and steal even the very latest prestige luxury in moments.