A malicious skin that erases hard drive

A malicious Minecraft skin poses a huge threat to millions of computer users who run the risk of losing their hard drives. The major threat strikes the cyber world after 50,000 Minecraft accounts have refused to function under the influence of a malware.

 According to what the Avast data for the last one month suggest, the hackers allowed the malware to delete backup data and to disrupt the system programs.

 The cyber security experts at work in the leading firm have observed that the malware in question is sticks in the skins on the Minecraft website.

 They claimed to have aborted over 14,500 attempts to infect the computers during the last three months. But the threat is considered grave which could, in the long run, might result in a mass in the entire chain of system.

 Minecraft account boxes are full of some messages for the users before being infected by the malware. The messages, mostly, reading “You have maxed your internet usage for a lifetime,” “You Are Nailed leaving the users infected.

 A thorough research is in progress to ascertain why the infected skins could be uploaded to the Minecraft website. The truth would surface very soon.

 Now Microsoft has confirmed that the infected skins are not there to be download afresh. It further claimed to have deployed a slew of measures to ensure safety of the users.

 The entire attack came to light after the Minecraft’s developers came up with the story in a blog post where the experts said any Minecraft player can upload a skin as a PNG file. But some files might function under the influence of the malicious code which could be detected by an antivirus software.