A fake version of the WhatsApp is floating across the internet to take control over personal data of users. This fake version of the App is called, WhatsApp Plus.

Meanwhile, Google play store has deleted the fake version of the application, but a link  .apk of the app is being circulated through out the internet. The malware is found by Malwarebytes Lab.

The app is a variant of Android/PUP.Riskware.Wtaspin.GB, and has been classified as a Fake WhatsApp riskware.

While installing the malicious App, a screen prompts up with a URL and handle, it has a gold WhatsApp logo in the centre. Once you click on ‘Agree and continue’ the link will redirect you to update with a new version of the application. After this, it will direct to a website that is written in Arabic, and the WhatsApp riskware downloads ‘Watts Plus Plus WhatsApp’.

According to the reports, the app has certain features such as hiding typing a message, received texts, reading texts. The Malwarebytes Lab was unable to reveal how the app works and gathers data.

The report urges people to download the WhatsApp from official Google Play store to secure your data.