The car crash that mangles a sector

One after another road mishaps suggests a slew of measures to do away with the flaws in the vehicle technology if a school of experts in this field is to be believed. Words of worries bubbled up from the technologists as soon as the Tempe police in Arizona released a 22 second video of a road mishap where an Uber SUV was seen ramming into a 49 year old pedestrian. In his reaction, an expert spots the flows with the sensors which failed to help the driver see the pedestrian. He said the sensor could have alerted the man in the driver’s seat to resort to braking instantly. According to reports, Uber has already suspended the testing in the face of the investigation by the safety team which scans all the possible circumstances. Since some experts have raised doubts over the vehicle programme after spotting the video footage, an expert at the Carnegie Mellon University who claimed to have minutely observed it said the driver’s presence remained distracted and the victim’s appearance who kept walking for a couple of second speaks differently. As the video of the crash goes viral, the safety advocating organizations have urged the authority not to consider the pending proposal of the science panel headed by Thune in a haste, saying in view of the ongoing probe into the Tempe crash. As of now, Intel, Waymo, GM and Uber keep testing autonomous cars in Arizona sans permission and this could come under a tight scrutiny by the authorities. The impact of the crash is far reaching in the entire sector since many auto industrial bodies have been waiting for the Congress to hasten the passage of a proposal from R-South Dakota and Sen. John Thune who are in a mood to provide regulatory norms which they call safe and secured to avoid the Tempe-like crash in future.