Facebook introduced a new privacy settings

In a damage repairing exercise, Facebook claimed to have made some drastic changes in the privacy pages apart from launching a new short cut menu making it more user friendlier than before.

 The largest social networking site on the planet has now come up with only a single screen doing away with the existing 20 ones much to the convenience of the users who started losing confidence over the privacy mechanism following the recent revelations in question.

 The existing privacy settings, which many experts have questioned, have also been removed where the users would find it much friendlier to go to one place only. Facebook further has announced a new privacy shortcut menu teeming with common functions to ensure safety, security and sanctity of privacy amid an escalating word wide controversy.

Another page called Access Your Information, is coming up for the Facebook account holders to download and delete any information at their discretion.

 Facebook authorities further say very soon they would propose updates to the terms of service to prove beyond doubt their commitments to the users who they said would repose faith on the new mechanism.

 Without any hesitation, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg shared privacy concerns admitting that Cambridge Analytica used data without any consent from the competent authority.

 In a recent statement, he said he needs to understand the ground situation and the circumstances to ensure that these do not repeat in future since protecting data was their responsibility.

 According to Erin Egan who holds the charge of Chief Privacy Officer, some users want to delete things they’ve shared in the past, while others are just curious about the information Facebook has.

 The Facebook authorities have hoped that these slew of measures would help the social networking site regain confidence of the users at a time when Mozilla has suspended the Facebook advertisement pieces and a leading investment unit is believed to have been preparing to offload its stake from the Facebook stocks.