Facebook admitted of recording calls and SMS details

Facebook recently dropped an another bomb on Monday when it confirmed that its Facebook and Messenger apps collect users calls and SMS details that are sent through a phone. 

However, the company insists that they did it after getting explicit confirmation for it from users. This means that when users click on agree, it allows Facebook to collect and store  details of every call and every SMS . 

The firm clarrified that they did this to enhance user experience, but it is very illogical to store someone's call details and personal messages, to improve users experience they should have done something else. 

In its statement, Facebook says: "Call and text history logging is part of an opt-in feature for people using Messenger or Facebook Lite on Android. This helps you find and stay connected with the people you care about, and provides you with a better experience across Facebook... Contact importers are fairly common among social apps and services as a way to more easily find the people you want to connect with."

It is very scary to know that someone is having an eye on all your data without even your consent. Here is a way to turn off your Facebook recording call and SMS details:

How to turn off call and SMS details

On Facebook Messenger: Go to settings > People > Turn off Contact Sync. To delete previously uploaded contacts, go to this page, log into your account and delete contacts.

On Facebook Lite: Go to Settings > Turn off Continuous Contacts Upload. Also turn off Sync Your Call and Text History.

You can also see what all data of yours has Facebook captured until now. 

Step 1: Login to your Facebook through your desktop
Step 2: Click on the settings. Below the General Account Settings option click on ‘Download a copy’ link.
Step 3: Then you will see a ‘Download your information’ page with an option to click on ‘Download Archive’.
Step 4: After clicking on that a dialogue box will appear and ask you to write your password. Once the password is provided, there will be a prompt saying that Facebook will notify you once the data is ready to download.
Step 5: Facebook will send you  notification once it had gathered all the information and download the .zip file on the desktop.
Step 6: After downloading, extract the files and click on ‘HTML’ followed by ‘contact_info’
Step 7: Scroll below and see what all call and SMS data of yours Facebook has gathered over the years.

In this .zip file you can find all kind of information, photos, contact list, friend list, call records, sms details etc.