Cambridge Analytica: More a spy and less an app

A stunning revelation on a number of apps deployed in Facebook to trap private information triggers no less heat among the users. But the brain behind the spying apps have called himself a scapegoat.

 The Facebook users started speaking ill of the Cambridge Analytica as soon as they came to know that the firm has trapped their private information to be sold to third party. According to what is disclosed, popular apps which include Amazon, Buzzfeed, Expedia, Etsy, Instagram, Spotify and Tinder are engaged to connect millions of Facebook profiles for gathering private data to be kept for sale.

Even these data were used much to the benefit of Donal Trump a he was campaigning for the US presidential poll in 2015. Facebook these days have felt more heat of it as the authorities confessed to have done it without elaborating anything under mysterious circumstances.

 The most worrying revelation about the app is that Your Digital Life which has allegedly trapped personal informations of around 270,000 users in 2015 before being sold Cambridge Analytica when Alexandr Kogan, a Cambridge University expert who created it. But the masterbrain behind the entire episode calls himself a scapegoat saying that he was not aware of who and how his app was deployed to trap any information to influence the US presidential polls.

 Pleading innocence Kogan, the psychologist at Cambridge University deplored that he was not in the know why Facebook and Cambridge Analytica have been targeting him bereft of any reason. He said what he has done is quite normal and that he was not aware of how the app he had developed could help Trump win the polls.