How safe is NATWEST to stash money

Its all about an email that strikes no less fear among the net users who have reasons to raise doubts over the guarantee of safety and security.

The fear of being a victim strikes a visitor as he or she spots an “https” page.  NATWEST has sounded alert on its customers to be careful of a website in question bearing striking similarities with the real one portal.

A visitor is trapped as soon as one verifies one’s personal details acting on the instructions of the lookalike email before getting the fake web page. Then the guys behind this nefarious mission get an easy access to the personal details of the customers. A section of customers, however, is aware of the danger after they received the screenshot of the fake website.

Millions of net users are sharing the discourse and alertness on the Twitter. But is there is an end? If one raises doubts over the guarantee of HTTPS another talks of SSL certificate.

The London based Intelligence Bureau has admitted the fiasco and has been devising a formidable mechanism to jointly with NatWest to firmly deal with this menace.

NatWest is believed to have been processing a system to identify fake websites. But it finds difficult to yield result instantly. The bank officials say the need of the hour is a massive awareness of the suspicious emails with unrecognized addresses apart from glaring mistakes in grammar and spellings.

The customers are free to take the help of the bank if a suspicious email is spotted to get in touch with the authority through or

This is not for the scammers to target the wealthy customers. An identical scam threatened to rob the Santander customers in March this year forcing the authority to maximize alertness.

The targeted customers received text messages from the scammers who pretend to be banking officials. But the bankers stopped sharing information of the customers without any convincing queries.