Fake reviews turn shed to restaurant

A section of journalists and prolific writers, of late, has been resorting to a slew of fake write-ups to ensure a good rating of non-starter restaurants in London.  These journalists often keep writing fake stories and reviews in the journals to impress TripAdvisor for good rating.

Even a shed has turned into a top-rated restaurant in London when the journals were loaded with fake stories and reviews contributed by his henchmen who, beyond doubt, are entitled to some benefits.

 Initially, Oobah Butler, who kept contributing to the Vice, owned a garden shed. But by dint of his own portal with the help of a lone photographer he made it a fake but huge restaurant. The photographer ensured the pieces of photographs of mouth-watering foods, costlier shaving foam, and bleach to impress the website visitors which in the face value became a top rated restaurant.

Now the website claims this fake restaurant to be a gorgeous operating one in South London which is now a top rated one in TripAdvisor.

He is an old bird in the rating technique with the help of a website and fake reviews on TripAdvisor which fetched him £10 and the business has gone up and up since rating matters here.

TripAdvisor along with hundreds of restaurant-goers are by now convinced that his Dulwich based shed in south London is never a fake restaurant to buy a cheap phone. But to register it with the number and address is restricted saying that the restaurant has a set of norms.

Now positive reviews are pouring in from Bulter’s aides and associates. In terms of rating, the restaurant has gone up further. All customers are potential these days as a result of these year-long efforts with fake reviews and message.

                                                                                                                                Prashant Baruah