ISIS official website filled with Pornographic images

A group of young Iraqi hackers, Daeshgram, have targeted official website of Islamic State by sticking pornographic images on their home page.

Members of Daeshgram said that their motive behind this hack was to spread distrust among Isis supporters about messages sent by the group's leader, according to Newsweek.

"Our intention was to flood the market with fake Amaq content in order to dilute the credibility of Amaq - a so-called news agency," one anonymous member of Daeshgram told  Newsweek.

Daeshgram, whose name is an amalgam of two words: one is Instagram and another one is the Arabic word for Isis, Daesh, aims to disrupt pro-Isis groups on the encrypted instant messaging software Telegram.

"Daesh responded by telling supporters not to trust any of the Amaq links.They even had fights among themselves about the topic and deleted each other from various groups."

Hackers photoshopped a pornographic scene and posted it on an ISIS announcement about the opening of a new media center in Syria. A video gave an impression to the ISIS supporters, whoever listened to the announcement, as the extremists were actually watching a projection of a naked woman.

"We wanted Daesh to know that we are inside their groups to create a level of paranoia and distrust," the hacker told Newsweek. "Many Daesh clicked on it and saw it as fake. The odd thing is that when Daesh marked the content as fake, even more, Daesh clicked on it to understand why a genuine looking link and content is fake."

This is not the first time Isis have been subjected to target, in 2016, WachulaGhost hacked more than 250 social media accounts which were administrated by Isis supporters, all the contents were repleced with pornography and gay pride messages.