Sberbank created a phishing website for flowers delivery

The biggest Russian bank "Sberbank" created a phishing web site for ordering flower delivery to demonstrate how mobile device infection working when visiting a fake website created by cyber criminals.

Stanislav Kuznetsov, deputy Chairman of the Board of Sberbank, showed how such web sites are working on the conference in Sochi.

According to Stanislav, phishing is one of the most difficult types of fraud.  The fake website exactly copies the website you are used to seeing.  The fake site will claim it will provide free prize and tricks victims into providing the financial information including card number, PIN number.

Sometimes, the website also infects the victims devices with malicious software.  The Bank representative explained that in this way fraudsters have successfully accessed  to data on mobile devices, including personal messages.

Moreover, Stanislav Kuznetsov gave a lecture at the XIX World festival of youth and students, entitled "Cyber security — how to protect yourself in the world of cyber threats". According to him, the loss of the Russian companies and citizens from cyber attacks in two years will grow 4 times and will surpass the 1.5 trillion rubles (26 million $ or 1,7 trillion Rupee). Therefore, Sberbank developed for protecting against cyber threats a unique system of fraud monitoring, based on an artificial intelligence. With this technology, Sberbank detects 96-97% of fraudulent transactions.

- Christina