Poland announced the establishment of CyberArmies to counter Cyber Threats

A separate type of army intended to combat threats in cyberspace will be established in Poland, Krakow. The Minister of Defence of Poland Antoni Macierewicz spoke about it on Monday during his presentation on Cybersecurity Forum. He believes that protection from information threats is important nowadays, specially from Russian hackers.

"Groups of people carry out mass information or disinformation campaign," said Macierewicz, accusing the Russian hackers in an attempt to influence the outcome of the referendum on independence of Catalonia.

The Polish authorities will devote the project about 547 million dollars. It is planned to involve in this cyber army about a thousand people.

"The threat of Russian hackers" – a convenient excuse to justify waste. This opinion was expressed by the political scientist Paul Swyatenkov on the radio.

"It's just an excuse. Now many of the major countries create conditional armies of cybersecurity. So, this is a structures that should reflect the threats in cyberspace.It's not just about the superpowers, such as the Russian Federation or the United States, but also relatively small countries like Poland.", said Pavel.

"Polish authorities and the Ministry of Defence need to justify why they spend taxpayers ' money for such purposes. And then the most widely discussed topic about "Russian threat" comes to the rescue. So, all of this is doing now in order to escape from the widely publicized Russian hackers. Perhaps, in the future the military budget in this direction will increase. First step is the hardest,"

- Christina