Kiev Police detained a CyberCriminal for stealing and selling air tickets

Kiev Cyber Police detained a 40-year-old suspect, who is accused of illegally obtaining Ukrainians air tickets and selling them in his website.

It is reported that the hacker exploited a vulnerability in one of the most common systems for booking air tickets.  Without paying money, he was able to book tickets in various airlines for traveling to Europe and and United States of America.

According to the local report, the suspect sold tickets from almost 40,000 to 180,000 hryvnia(around 23,400 to 440,000 in Indian Rupee).

It is noted that the hacker managed to sell about 30 tickets for a total of 1.5 million hryvnia.

Several companies, who have suffered damage from the actions of the attacker, given statements to the police.  Criminal investigations into the matter were officially instituted.  if convicted, he will face up to 8 years imprisonment.

- Chrisitna