Iran behind UK Parliament cyber-attack

British Parliamentarians became the victims of the cyber attack that attempted to uncover weak passwords used by lawmakers. According to a secret intelligence assessment, Iran was behind the attack, in which around 90 accounts were compromised.

 On June 23, British authorities detected some unusual activity, and immediately they took appropriate measures to prevent the hack. As a result, lawmakers were unable to access their e-mail for many days.  It is speculated that more than 9,000 email accounts were compromised including Theresa May and other ministers.

Initially, Russian hackers were blamed for this cyber attack, but investigating authorities have reportedly traced the attack to Tehran regime.  This cyberwarfare is believed to be a first major attack on Britain from Iran.

"What we need to do is keep that deal going - it's been a great success for UK diplomacy," Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson told reporters.

"This deal lives to fight another day, and that's a good thing."

While a spokesman for the National Cyber Security Centre said that “It would be inappropriate to comment further while enquiries are ongoing.”