Cyber-attack hits Czech Parliament Election

A number of websites of Czech statistical office (CZSO) have reportedly subjected to DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks during the counting process of recent parliamentary elections.

The CZSO spokeswoman, Petra Bacova, told Sputnik Sunday, "The websites related to the parliamentary elections — and — have temporarily failed to function due to DDoS attacks [Distributed Denial of Service] during the vote count on Saturday. These attacks have not affected the overall progress of the election."

The Czech National Cyber cell along with the police and Information Security Agency has already launched an investigation to look into the attacks.

"Thanks for the rapid response, the attacks on both aforementioned servers have been neutralized, while the work of the websites has been resumed," Bacova said.

The country held an election for their lower house of the parliament on Friday-Saturday. The election was won by centrist ANO political party with 29.64 percent of votes.